We were just little girls 

Who looked like button pearls

 As twins we were called by the world 

Us sisters sleep together snug, secure and curled

We fulfill each other’s need,  as we grow like strong plants from a seed…


Everyday we would race to the park 

Coming back before dark  

To keep each other safe we are enough

Together we glide gracefully over the rough

We fulfill each other’s need,  as we grow like strong plants from a seed…


Now over the years,

You are becoming a girl beautifully fierce

You know how to carry yourself on your own   

Marching with confidence, stepping over the stones  

We fulfill each other’s need, you have become a strong plant from a seed…


Your confidence and persona are inspiring

You make it seem as though its not toiling or tiring

We understand each other better than no other 

You complete my sentence and know me more than my mother 

We fulfill each other’s need, you have become a strong plant from a seed…


Even though twins we are called no more 

I am happy we both are strong, for life has a lot in store

We are our own individuals, as we inspire and motivate each other 

You know I love you more than any other 

We fulfill each other’s need, you have become a strong plant from a seed…


Just close your eyes when you remember me 

I am the one who constantly keeps loving and remembering you, who you can’t see

It’s so funny how we are physically twins no more 

But we make up parts of each other, as we are becoming birds who soar

We fulfil each other’s need, we have become strong plants from a seed…


You were my moon

I long to meet you soon

We were attracted by a force stronger than gravity

Because without you my heart is dark you see-

Oh wait, you can’t! Because in my midnight dark heart,

My love for you is not visible, how much I loved you from the start


Oh my moon, you left me !

Now I’m stuck here in darkness, weeping on my knees

I am stuck in perpetual night forever

Waiting for the sun… Which came never

But moon, I don’t miss you because I still have my stars

My stars are my family, spreading positivity like scent from flowers



She made a mistake

Then got angry, not accepting she is wrong for her ego’s sake

She got angered and sad

And pushed everyone out of the room because she was mad


I went to her to tell her what she did was wrong

And that she should apologise and not be angered for so long

She got more cantankerous and frowned

And made an angry, shrill and loud sound


The others came to her and were polite

They comforted her even though she was not right

She felt better and hugged everyone after this undeserved care

Everyone except me, the one who tried to tell her the better long-term path, the one who had tried to teach her what’s fair and not fair


Well, why am I not hugged for teaching her she should apologise?

I’m trying to help her, not be like others filling her with lies

But the world is happy when they hear what they want, isn’t it true?

It’s because people are giving undeserved care to the ones who cry, what about the ones who hide their tears like me and you?


Humans made many inanimate objects like fans, lights and statues of wood or clay.

Have you ever noticed that these things humans make are all just there to serve humans or to appeal to the finicky eyes of humans. On the other hand, we have god, a great soul who made humans, animals and much more. If you observe, god made everything to which he contributed feelings, rights and freedom. But humans dont have the power to create living things like god, probably god never gave access to humans of this power, because he knows at the end of the day we will make some life or living thing to serve our purposes. The only living thing we humans can create is more humans, more of our own kind.

Probably god hasn’t given us powers to make species of other kind because he knows that we humans are incapable of being god himself to a new species we might create, probably we will unlock this power when we cease this greed that tyrannises the bad deeds of many.


During a storm of emotions, when your emotions are too overwhelming to contain, we are like the tree.

The tree’s leaves and branches get blown in the storm vigorously, when we come to a point where we think that the tree might fall, just like how we think we are too vulnerable in this storm of emotions.

But when this happens, the tree knows it doesn’t want to fall because it is putting the lives of all the creatures living in it at risk, just like how when we are going to give up, we think of our family living not only around us, but inside our heart and their despair they will go through when we give up. SO WE STAY STRONG JUST LIKE THE TREE DOES FOR ITS FAMILY.

We should always remember during this time that emotions are transitory, just like seasons. We should learn to adapt to every season so that nothing, not even snow, neither extreme sun can freeze and stop or burn and kill us.

-Veruschka Pandey


Like a blanket, you embrace me from all the harsh situations,The feeling of warmth is an exemplary sensation 
Like a curtain, you cover me from people who peep through the window in wrong intentions 
Like a door , you are a barrier , who keeps me away like a defence 
Like a cupboard , you store all my secrets untold Like a heater, you protect me from the cold 
Like a lamp , you light up my thoughts Like a comb, you remove all my knots
Like a photo, you help me live today, but make me remember what I was yesterdayLike a sofa, I jump onto you, laying all my burdens of the day
Like a fridge, you help me keep my coolLike a book, you provide me knowledge so that I am not anymore a fool

You are everywhere, everywhere I go in my house, there is an essence of youYou are my everything, I see you everyday, that is true
But the area where you are most abundant is in my heartLike an apparition or wisp, you disappeared, but I see you everyday, to the end from the start

Beauty is rare and rareness is beauty. Don’t change for the world!

Always they would come to me to criticise 

To tell me I have bad hair, or that my nose is the wrong size 

The pain I bore for years 

The pain was harsh and fierce 

I almost mustered up my courage to protest ,

But they continued speaking that I was not up to test 

So I changed


I began covering up my darkness with powder 

I straightened my curls and wore some clothes of fur 

I wore blue lenses to cover my brown eyes 

I covered my whole body with lies 

Finally, when I was ready 

They who had bullied me, became ME

They had curled their straight hair 

They had gotten tanned to not be fair 

They had covered their eye colour with brown 

They had worn shorts and a simple shirt, not a fur gown 

So they changed, isn’t it strange?


They had made me feel uncomfortable under my own property, my own skin,

And then they came in the same skin! 

They had copied and become what I was 

And then I realised my loss 

People bully you when they don’t have something which you do 

They reduce your self confidence, and then try to they become you 

Diversity is beauty, I was different, I was beautiful 

Now I have become the common, all because of a few people 

So beauty is diversity, a little change, isn’t it strange?


This one is for the readers who love aesthetic and productive things.

So recently my summer holidays started, and I have been thinking of many things. If you have free time, my advice to you is to try and design a room in your mind, call this your ‘ dream room’ !! Share this idea with friends who are going to move to a new house, they will love it!

So here is my ‘ dream room ‘ idea, which you might like to consider when moving to a new house.

First of all my walls should be mint blue in colour, and if you are trying to design your ‘ dream room ‘ wall colour, I reccommend light colours which are not too heavy on the eyes, like lavender or baby pink, this will give your room a classy touch.

Since my walls are mint blue in colour, now I have to decide my ceiling. The ceiling should be such that gives me comfort when I look up at it before sleeping, so a great idea would be to paint on or put GLOW IN THE DARK STARS, this gives you a great scenery right beofre you sleep. These glow in the darl stars should be upon a RAVISHING GALAXY SCENERY , with a mix of purple and blue metallic colours.

One fun activity would be to paint this on , with glow in the dark paint!!

After this, my idea is I will put my bed against the wall and behind my bed, on the wall will be a beautiful 3D drawing of a butterfly or something that represnts you.

Continuing, since I have the bed on one part of the room, what about the rest?

Here I would put a corner where I would read or chill and enjoy, this corner will be beautiful and aesthetic, (also known as a reading nook) with glow in the dark jars ( see top of page) for my reading and beautiful pillows with faces on it!!

My study table would be on the other side, preferably facing the window where I will grow beautiful plants. This should preferably be white or baby pink, to go with the classy theme. ( if you have mint blue walls , white or pink would go great)

Finally, to add an extra thing, there should be a modern chandelier or something beautiful on the ceiling

That is it for today! Please try out the challenge of making a ‘ dream room’ and feel free to comment on any ideas too!! Please like if you liked this post and follow me if you want new posts every day about fun things, productivity, and positive quotes for every morning!!!!

Also share this with that one friend who is going to shift after this virus stabilises or who loves creative things!! Lots of love to my followers and new followers in the past week! Hoping for more people!!!!

Positivity for you

It is a scientifically proven fact that we should not think of bad thoughts, for these thoughts are waves that go out into the universe and attract the thoughts on the same frequency. So always think of good thoughts to get good things in life, for this, you need good people in your surroundings. The best people start thinking of bad thoughts when surrounded by the worst people.
That’s why we should have friends that are like us. “ birds of a feather flock together”.

Inspired by my intelligent grandfather

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Day-before yesterday was my blog’s one year anniversary! I can’t believe one year is over, however, I have seen a great change in myself in the past one year. I am really grateful to all my followers who have increased rapidly! And one thing I love is 90% of them are people not in my family and it is great to know SO many people enjoy my blog out there! Thanks a lot and I hope this increases!

also I want to tell you all the things I have learnt from this journey in the past year-

there are some good people and bad people out there in the world, but the bad people are also good in one way or another. So we should apply the saying – “ it is easy to find faults in others , but tough to find the pure”

also this year, I am happy that I have inspired many people to start out a blog of their own, whether it be my friends or family. I am happy to have come to help for you!!

I have also learnt that having a blog is for personal enjoyment and not for likes! Just go with the flow and enjoy!

thanks to everyone!