About Me

Vapours of Veruschka 

Refreshing hellos to all, my name is Veruschka Pandey ( which a person with even one piece of brain cell would have guessed by the name of the blog) I am a 11 year old girl who lives in India and believes that I can change my country and hopefully soon the world through my writings as simple words can make a huge change. My blog consists of funny, stupid and emotional experiences of my life along with some of my poems which may move you. I love marshmallows ( I am sure everyone does…….. unless they are an alien!!!!) and hate cruelty towards animals as I believe that they are also living beings and are tortured by us, even though they deserve better.

My blog will cross over such topics too and is meant for both kids and adults. Now, if you are pondering over the name of my blog here is the explanation, I believe thoughts are like vapours , they will vaporise away if we don’t catch hold of them and when somebody talks something related to it, 

Boom! In a second the thought comes back to you just like the second the clouds burst and the vapours come back down in the form of rain. The one thing that means the world to me is my grand mom, she is my support and my life, when she passed away, I didn’t talk to anbody and wrote everything down which made me feel like I am sharing my thoughts to a person, so I dedicate all of my blogs to my grandmom, my inspiration.

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