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About Me

Vapours of Veruschka 

An introduction is something I’ve never been able to provide. For infinite words are yet insufficient for an individual- we should thank god for this complexly fabricated structure, where 5 feet is sufficient to hold in a storm of emotions, where a metre is sufficient for this craft to dwell, where a tiny speck of this universe can hold in the potential to destroy or create. HUMANS. I am an author myself and yet cannot grasp the right words to describe me. To sum it up, I am a child poetess and author of age 13 (grade 8 of The International School Bangalore TISB), who writes poems and has been published on several sites and newspapers (such as Deccan Herald, Times of India and Indian Express) for my articles and poetry. I have also won several awards such as RobinAge Bright Sparks Award 2019, and am a bestselling author/poet of the book ‘Tween Twilight: A Symphony of Poems’ (receiving an invitation to Delhi Book Fair and a foreword by Dr. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, chairperson of Biocon. For further information about my book, go on to my author’s site:

Other than writing, I am a singer who loves music and is extremely passionate about it. I have won several awards within my school and even organised a jam session for all COVID warriors and patients in association with Fortis Bangalore, Manipal Hospital and Columbia Asia.

I also love theatrics (being overdramatic as my usual self. Hyperbole is a necessity to a great author), debating, playing sports such as squash and reading.

Read about my thoughts and musings over here, my poetry, my reviews, and most of all- the ideas of a prodigy